Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the state of Washington for a variety of reasons. This is especially true during the summer months when the weather is conducive to recreational travel throughout the region. But, motorcycles also offer a high probability of serious injury when they are involved in accidents, and it is always a good decision to evaluate transportation needs and protections when using two-wheel vehicles.

All riders should be informed concerning operational laws in the state, especially regarding the mandatory helmet law for all riders and passengers. It is always important to be totally compliant with the law when riding a motorcycle because injuries due to an accident are almost always severe and collecting damages following an accident can be problematic when the rider could be entirely liable for their injuries.

Insurance Coverage

One of the reasons many people use motorcycles as a primary method of transportation is the fact that insurance is not a requirement for two-wheel vehicles in Washington. However, riding without insurance is surely a dangerous decision. Approximately 10 percent of the drivers in Washington drive without any insurance protection, which can be a problem in fault states when a crash occurs.

It is always a good decision for motorcycle enthusiasts to carry liability insurance at a minimum and potentially carry additional personal injury protection as well because of the potential for head injuries or even a fatality in a wreck due to a lack of physical protection.

Comparative Negligence

While Washington is a fault state that allows accident victims to file legal action against a negligent driver following a collision, a comparative fault can have a significant impact on the value of an injury settlement if the claim goes to court. This is usually the most intense area of negotiation when insurance company adjusters are attempting to deny or lessen the value of a claim. And, for motorcyclists who carry PIP coverage or uninsured and under-insured policy riders, that insurance company could well be their very own insurance provider. This rarely bodes well for the injured rider, and will always require aggressive representation from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who understands insurance company tactics in claim settlements.

The level of personal fault in an accident injury claim becomes the discount percentage when the claim is settled, and the offer made by the insurance company could be much lower than what the true value of solid legal counsel from an experienced Bellevue motorcycle accident and personal injury lawyer.